Dignity Media (DM) established in 2018. It is a media company working for awareness and advocacy in the field of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI). DM promotes Dignity and justice issues of the marginalized people, mass media, disaster Risk Reduction, Environment, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Human Rights, as well as research and training for promoting rights of Dalit and marginalized community in Nepal. DM is committed to advocating for inclusion in media and diversity and GESI in all the political structures. Our core aims lie in research, media, content development, production documentary, radio program, PSA/ jingle, training and capacity building in the mass media sector and GESI content distribution and Publicity. Leaving no one behind from getting access to information is our key goal.

Dignity Media is an independent media house that aims to change the life of Dalit and Marginalized people. I started Dignity Post, Dignity Talks and Dignity Media Club in order for everyone to get their basic dignity of life. Our objective is that everyone get’s their basic rights of health, education, equality regardless of their race, color caste, class, creed, religion and gender. Dignity media Are focused on bringing out the issues and also investigate the issues of Dalit and Marginalized groups, Women, LGBTQI+, religious freedom, migrant workers and laborers right, etc. whom the mainstream media doesn’t cover. Dignity Media wants to create a global alliance to give people justice and dignity.
In addition, Dignity Media is a leading media house working for the awareness and advocacy in the field of the right to life with dignity, and livelihood promotion of Socio-economic backward and marginalized communities in Nepal. This is a national media house of enthusiastic journalist in various sectors of communication. This is the organization, which has involvement of expert and experienced journalist inclusively from different sectors such as woman, Dalits youth, marginalized and other backward community.

DM has the strong power relation and networking, collaboration and coordination with NGOs, I/NGOs, media houses, national and international donors and also Nepal Government. Also the broadcasting and print /publication houses and the media expertise/persons are working with DM. It works with qualitative, standard and fully integrated technology. In addition, the organization provides the services of research design; organizing training, and products in-house with leading expertise in well.

Our initiative:

We have partnerships with organizations working on policy review, radio program, PSA/ jingle and documentary production that range from national, international and non-government organizations. We have worked on several issues using one each other’s experience. Similarly, we also assist in establishing media, preparing organization development documents and promoting issues of Social Inclusion. DM envisions an informed, empowered and equitable friendly society through media innovation, development and research.

We intend to achieve this goal by producing dedicated journalists who believe the power of media for amplifying the voice of the voiceless. Thus, this Dignity media is aiming to become a watchdog for promoting inclusion by sharing content, enabling more diverse voices by building new markets for the audience and creating demand-driven media products with international standards. In the meantime, DM has established online platform Dignitypost.com and Dignity Talks for promoting issues of the voiceless people.

Independent Dignity Media:

As an innovative and life-changing network, DM’s mission is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring and empowering to its Dalit and Marginalized audience. DM is a Dalit-owned and operated independent media house. DM is the nation’s only provider news, information and programs created “by people of Dalit for people of Dalit.” DM illuminates truth by authentically representing our dynamic Dalit and Marginalize communities.

Life Changing Dignity Media:

DM has a real opportunity to change lives and mindsets through the creation of a singular news organization based on a profoundly unique and critically important premise. The DM will serve up authentic, genuine, responsible and responsive news to Dalit and Marginalized. DM’s news will include the priorities, issues, realities, and point-of-views of our Dalit and marginalized population and communities. DM will be able to make a deep, rich connection to this target audience by being the antidote to today’s toxic news environment; our media will provide relevant news, as well as celebrate Dalit lives, culture, and history.

Dignity Media Program:

The Dignity Media has the well expertise and working efficiencies in the production of documentary making. It has been working for Leadership empowerment, research work and book publication through policy analysis and research since its establishment. Additionally, ICE material; flex design, Radio and Television program production and broadcasting, radio and television PSA/Spot/ Jingle production are making fruitfully. And the major programs are the cultural film and festival program and documentary production.
• Dignity & Law
• Inclusive News Agency
• Capacity Building & Empowerment
• Research and Policy Analysis
• Documentation
• Cultural/Film/Documentary Festivals

Dignity Media Our Service:

Dignity gives the product on various topics of media matter especially it works on the media matters of radio/ television PSA/jingle spots/ IEC material/ advertisement and photo / audio video, animation, sketch, Docmumentary.
• Documentary/Film Making and Training
• Journalism/Photography/IT/Videography Training
• Events management
• Media Advisory
• Research and Publication

Dignity Post:

Dignity Post (DP) is a global digital platform. It raises the voice of the voiceless people like Dalit and other marginalized peoples living in South Asia and beyond. In other words, it is a digital window created to disseminate all the activities related to global social justice from a single platform for promoting inclusiveness, Human rights and democracy of Dalits and marginalized communities. The DP raises the voice of those people who feel discriminated and cornered in the name of politics, religion, race and borders. To respect, every citizen’s right to live a dignified life we want to end all divisions fueled by conflict, civil war, intolerance and injustice. The Dignity Post will contribute to peace, dignity and hope to the people by giving voice, strengthen to the oppressed and the marginalized sections of the society and changing social norms, attitudes towards Dalit and vulnerable groups. By promoting “Together for Change” approach and giving “Voice to the Voiceless” it will contribute to social cohesion, harmony and peace. Leaving no one behind from getting access to information is our key goal.
Like Dalit, data show about 260 million other marginalized people are struggling for dignity and social justice across the world.
The dignity Post’s main objective is to advocate for the rights of Dalit as well as others vulnerable DWD communities. DWD is the term used to address various forms of discrimination, including caste, work and birth-based discrimination. Many think DWD prevails only in the South Asian continent, but it’s everywhere in the world.
Affected communities face discrimination based on their birth into certain castes/social groups. And those occupying the lowest position in the social hierarchy are considered to be ‘unclean’. Communities have segregated living spaces, with severely restricted access to public and private services of housing, water and sanitation, health, education, land and employment. Typically associated with notions of ‘purity’ and ‘pollution’, this form of discrimination includes the practice of ‘Untouchability’, which imposes strong restrictions on the community. Consequently, human development indicators show a huge gap between the general population and DWD communities.
Considering the aforementioned discrimination the DP will strive for an equitable society for excluded people, we will raise the issues of Dalit, women, LGBTI, differently abled people, indigenous, religious minorities, women trafficking, labor migration and marginalized people. We will connect them for mutual respect, dignity and social justice.

Dignity Channel:

Dignity Channel is a Voice of A section of disadvantaged groups, namely Dalit and marginalized communitywho have been historically excluded from their access to state mechanisms. They are exploited. Despite all these odds they can’t come out of social discrimination as they feel insecure, economically weak and inferior than other castes.

Consequently, they have been facing a series of social and economic discrimination. Society never respect them, nor the mainstream media gives due space to their issues. Even as their contribution to the society equally remarkable than any other castes they have never enjoyed respect in the society. Their contribution is largely undermined.

For them, living dignified life is still a matter of cry. They are never encouraged to continue the good works. In the given context Dignity channel aims to give them adequate space so that their voices could be heard. This digital platform will give space to voiceless Dalit, marginalized and minority people.

Dignity Channel will share stories of dominated, discriminated, abused or socially exploited people. It will equally raise voice against rights violations of those communities. Its mission is to inspire, empower, motivate and connect those people to change their backwardness.

The aim of Dignity Talks is to create such an environment so that people will begin to respect each to other, end discrimination and inhuman acts against voiceless people and cases of positive change will be highlighted. Dignity Channel organizes News program, Debete, Talks show and story telling on Dalit and marginalized issue on different themes.

Media can bring the huge change in to society of nation wide and World wide . That’s why DM has created the own channel.
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