Dignity Media Club

The Dignity media Club is basically a meeting point for the journalists and other stakeholders. As it is located in Kathmandu, which are the area of activity of the journalists where we organize interaction program between journalist and other stakeholders for sharing social, political, economic and other issues regarding Dalit and marginalized community.

The Club provides opportunities for journalists and others interested in the media to meet and learn opportunities of new developments, debate the latest issues and explore our collective past as communicators. Our events are many and varied, from the purely social, to discussions on matters of importance not only to journalism, but to the furtherance and protection of free speech throughout the world.

The club also organizes trainings and workshops to the journalists and the community for learning and educating them about the dignity and justice issues. The discourse on the issues of Dalit and Marginalized community also takes place within the club.
We welcome all kinds of people as members for creating a creative society and achieving our common dreams.