Dignity Talks is a YouTube Talks show. A section of disadvantaged groups, namely Dalit, women, LGBTIQ+, religious minorities, refugees, labor, child rights, slavery, violence-affected people,  and differently able people, have been historically excluded from their access to state mechanisms. They are exploited, deceived, and deprived of exercising their rights like other socially benefited people. They can’t come out of social discrimination. Reason: them as they feel insecure, economically weak, and inferior to other castes. So, Dignity Talks is a platform for promoting inclusiveness, human rights, and democracy of Dalits and marginalized communities

Consequently,  they have been facing a series of social and economic discrimination. Society never respects them, nor the mainstream media gives adequate coverage to raise their issues. Even as their contribution to society is remarkable as compared to any others they never enjoyed respect in society. Their contribution to the development of society is largely undermined.

For those communities, living dignified life still remains a matter of cry. They are not encouraged to continue the good work. In the given context Dignity Talks aims to give them adequate media coverage to voiceless Dalit, marginalized, and minority people so that their voices could be heard. Leaving no one behind from getting access to information is our key goal.

Dignity Talks will share stories of dominated, discriminated, abused, or socially exploited people. It will equally raise voice against rights violations of marginalized communities. Thus, it wants to inspire, empower, motivate, and connect those people with modern society.

The aim of Dignity Talks is to create such an environment so that people will begin to respect each other, end discrimination and inhuman acts. It aims to promote positive stories as well.