Dignity Post (DP) is a global digital platform. It raises the voice of the voiceless people like Dalit and other marginalized communities living in South Asia and beyond. In other words, it is a digital window created to disseminate all the activities related to global social justice from a single platform for promoting inclusiveness, Human rights and democracy of  Dalits and marginalized communities.

The DP raises the voice of those people who feel discriminated and cornored in the name of politics, religion, race and borders. To respect, every citizen’s right to live a dignified life we want to end all divisions fueled by conflict, civil war, intolerance and injustice. The Dignity Post will contribute to peace,justice, dignity and hope to the people by giving voice, strengthen to the oppressed and the marginalized sections of the society and changing social norms, attitudes towards Dalit and vulnerable groups. By promoting “Together for Change” approach and giving “Voice to the Voiceless” it will contribute to social cohesion, harmony and peace. Leaving no one behind from getting access to information is our key goal.

Like Dalit, data show about 260 million other marginalized people are struggling for dignity and social justice across the world.

The dignity Post’s main objective is to advocate for the rights of Dalit as well as others vulnerable DWD communities. DWD is the term used to address various forms of discrimination, including caste, work and birth-based discrimination. Many think DWD prevails only in the South Asian continent, but it’s everywhere in the world.

Affected communities face discrimination based on their birth into certain castes/social groups. And those occupying the lowest position in the social hierarchy are considered to be ‘unclean’. Communities have segregated living spaces, with severely restricted access to public and private services of housing, water and sanitation, health, education, land and employment. Typically associated with notions of ‘purity’ and ‘pollution’, this form of discrimination includes the practice of ‘Untouchability’, which imposes strong restrictions on the community. Consequently, human development indicators show a huge gap between the general population and DWD communities.

Considering the aforementioned discrimination the DP will strive for an equitable society for excluded people, we will raise the issues of Dalit, women, LGBTI, differently able people, indigenous, religious minorities, women trafficking, labor,slavery, migration, child rights, and marginalized people. We will connect them for mutual respect, dignity and social justice.