The main objective of Dignity Media is to create an equitable and just society through media mobilization, consulting and supports of technical and content. DM has its own working methodology and guideline principles to promote the human rights, and access to justice. For its following activities are given at below.
• To make arrangements for publicity by creating commercial and social awareness, dissemination materials for
the mass media
• To conduct training, discussion, interaction and other programs on mass media
• Organizing cultural events and photo and documentary exhibitions,
• To produce, radio program, television program and broadcast through own mainstream media and social media
as well as YouTube channel.
• To conduct the online news portal for the mass awareness through right to information
• To Develop the social film, feature film
• Write a books, and print to the publication
• Study and research the policy, then advocacy
• To conduct the various social activities in the field of mass communication

Our Goals:

Dignity Media has its own strategy to develop the equitable society and making progressive reconciliation of Dalit and marginalized community. DM is a strategy or an effort, which is planned and managed the working efficiency in the level of Bottom to top to bring the people who are voiceless and in the bottom of society. And drastic changes for increasing structural of societal perception changes through planned interventions based on its own philosophy. DM acts through following goals
• Give voice to an underserved community;
• Build bridges to connect the many cultural diversity in our nation;
• Facilitate a more informed national conversation about the challenges facing our urban communities;
• Engage Dalit and marginalized viewers in our nation’s social, economic and political discussions and
• Create a platform for Dalit and marginalize Newsmakers and policy makers to reach their constituents;
• Showcase Dalit and marginalize achievers creating positive role models for Dalit and marginalize youth;
• Produce educational programming that is culturally relevant to empower Dalit and marginalize viewers;
• Inspire Dalit and marginalize viewers with uplifting and spiritual messages produced daily;
• Preserve a proud Dalit and marginalize heritage; and
• Recruit and train aspiring Dalit and marginalize journalists.
• Make positive and Changemaker to non Dalit stakeholder through media sensitization.